Leaf Blowers System Faulty

2:03 am

In 2007, the investigation
to discover what the problem with the Power Sweep electric leaf blowers was.
When this electric leaf blower is in use, tiny pieces of plastic were spraying
out of the blower and hitting the operator as well as any other people in the
general vicinity.  Around the country
people were reporting bruises, cuts, and other injuries.

The company recalled over
900,000 leaf blowers because there is a malfunction with the internal fans.  Pieces were coming off from the propellers,
which were not constructed to withstand the appropriate pressure.

The company, Torro, has only
receive a few of the recalled leaf blower back, and urge customers to trade
theirs in for a new one, so that it will prevent further injuries.

For More Information

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information on product defects and personal injury, contact
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