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Hearing aids

Hearing aids

Some of you may wonder what this has to do with law, so I’ll preface with this: Politics and law go hand in hand. After all, it is the politicians who make laws. And so we begin with the rest of this post.

While checking around on the internet today, I found an interesting article about health care. Now, obviously the subject has been in the news a lot ever since the election started. It was a huge issue during the election and has remained one since Barack Obama took office. However, this article was not about “Obamacare” but Medicare. More specifically, it was about a bill that would increase Medicare’s coverage to include hearing aids.

US Senator Sherrod Brown(D Ohio) introduced a bill yesterday that would extend Medicare to cover hearing aids. He says that he will try to have the bill worked in to the broader medical reform that is going on in Congress. In the article detailing the introduction of the bill, some interesting statistics were raised.

Apparently, approximately 30% of American adults age 65-74 are hearing impaired. Those 75 and above suffer hearing loss at a rate closer to 50%. However, all former legislation on the subject has stalled and hearing aids are still not covered. This keeps a large number of senior citizens in the dark, so to speak, when it comes to their hearing. Check out some more interesting information about hearing aids.

According to a House Representative who cosponsored a previous similar bill, the current bill may not stand much of a chance. While he says that it is a good idea, and backs it, the bills currently on the table involving Medicare are calling for massive cost cutting to the effect of $400 million to $500 million.

As always, I’m curious to know what the rest of the public thinks about the subject. Should we be cutting back on Medicare or extending it to help the elderly?

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