Bronx Middle School Poses Safety Concern

10:19 am

School buses

School buses

The New York Daily News recently posted an article about the state of a Bronx middle school. The Bronx Early College Academy moved its campus to a dilapidated building with a slew of issues. The walls are cracked, the air conditioning doesn’t work and wall partitions are incomplete. The school building is not fit to be a learning institution in its current state, possibly putting the students in some danger.

According to a spokesperson for the school, nearly $300,000 in renovations have been completed at the new campus, installing electrical outlets, dry erase boards and new wiring. The spokesperson also says that the renovations bring the building up to code. However, parents and students disagree.

Many of the attendees believe that the school is not conducive to learning and there may be some physical danger associated with simply attending classes. With the poor walls corroding, the structure of the building may not be safe in the long term. This can probably lead to some pretty bad injuries for anyone who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Even though the school says it’s invested $300,00o already, that bill could rise exponentially if any students get injured. The problem is premises liability, which any good New York City personal injury attorney can tell you more about. If any child is injured on the school grounds because of poor upkeep and conditions, the school will be held accountable.

My question about the whole scenario is, “what’s gained by facilitating this move?” Parents and children are upset not only at the conditions of the new campus, but also by the fact that said campus is not as close to Lehman College where the students were supposed to take courses. Now, instead of getting ahead with extra college credit, the students are sitting in a building that sounds like it could fall over at any time. What’s the point of all that?

It is possible that I’m missing some information on the subject, but that’s about all I got from the New York Daily News. Let me know if there’s more.

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