More on Tort Reform: The Opposition

11:13 am



I recently posted about medical malpractice and tort reform on this blog. However, I’ve run across more news stories on the subject because it’s such an important issue right now. As such, I figured I’d revisit it a little bit today. Specifically, I wanted to show what people who are opposed to tort reform are thinking.

I read an article this morning on the subject, and was interested to see just how personal it got. The author gives a couple of examples showing how tort reform has hurt patients and their families. Those examples are very vivid and strong, and I’d hate to do them any disservice by recounting them in brief on this blog, so I’ll let you go read for yourself.

More important than the language in the post, however, I noticed how impassioned the author became in her writing. Obviously, she went beyond simply recounting in her tone. While some may argue that this is not the best journalistic style, I think it certainly has its place. Subjects like this one are especially important to have some emotional investment.

Obviously, it’s not my place to tell you what to think on the subject, but I did want to provide you with a view of one of the biases. I’d like to see how people are reacting to this. It’s an important subject as well as an interesting one. The actions of our legislators in the near future will determine the outcome of the argument. Let’s see what happens.

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