Fort Worth, TX Expands Anti-Discrimination Policy

1:24 pm

Fort Worth Botanic Garden- Representing our perfect world

Fort Worth Botanic Garden- Representing our perfect world

We’d all like to think that we live in a world where we’ve gotten past discrimination. In this world, ethnic minorities enjoy the same rights and privileges as their counterparts in the majority (aka: White people), women are paid equally for the jobs they perform alongside men, etc. Unfortunately, we do not live in that world. Because of that, we pass more and more ordinance to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. That, or we ignore the problem until it blows up in our faces.

Along that vein, I found a story out of Fort Worth, TX. The city council has voted to expand ordinance concerning anti-discrimination. From now on, their ordinance will bar discrimination against trans-gender people as well as the already covered race, religion, sex and sexual orientation. Apparently, it’s not enough to say that people cannot discriminate against “the other”, but we have to be specific and continue to add more and more to our description.

Unfortunately, the vote comes in the wake of an incident that occurred in a Fort Worth gay bar back in June. The bar was raided by local authorities and one person was left with head wounds. Since then, the city has been trying to improve its relationship with the gay community, which may have had a large impact on the expansion of city ordinance.

While the city had been working on transgender issues before the incident, it definitely looks like the issues were brought forcefully to the forefront in June. It seems a bit sad that these sorts of things have to occur before any real change can happen. However, it is still a win for the downtrodden. You can check out a little more on discrimination from this employment lawyer website.

I’d like to know what others think about the subject. Does anyone out there live in the area and have any more information on the subject? It certainly seems like something worth following.

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