Ohio's Lethal Injection Policies Changing

2:16 pm

A retired electric chair. Image courtesy of Bettie Page Styled

A retired electric chair. Image courtesy of "Bettie Page Styled"

The death penalty is at best a highly controversial topic. Some might even argue that it’s explosive or worse. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that there is a great deal of controversy surrounding the recent changes to Ohio’s death penalty policies. As always, there are those who advocate just about any form of the death penalty and those who absolutely oppose it.

More importantly, we have two sides that are somewhat less extreme but are currently butting heads. The state of Ohio has been running into some problems recently with the death penalty. In three recent executions, there have been serious problems with the lethal injection triple cocktail. On top of those issues, opposition groups argue that this form of execution can still be very painful.

Because of all this, the state has decided to change the way lethal injection works. In lieu of the three drug cocktail, a single massive dose of barbiturates will be injected into the vein of the death row inmate. The state goes on to stipulate, however, that if a suitable vein cannot be found, the drug will be injected into the chest muscle.

Here is where problems arise. According to the opposition, extensive research by Dutch scientists has shown that the three drug cocktail is the most painless and humane form of execution. The single dose is much more akin to the euthanasia cocktail used in veterinary clinics. There has not been nearly as much study into this form of injection, so it is unknown whether or not it is more humane.

This is probably just a continuation of a timeless argument, but I’d like to see any legitimate comments on the subject. If you’d like more information about the criminal process in general, check out this Champaign criminal lawyer’s website.

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