Law Suits and Cheaters

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Image courtesy of Gulzar2

Image courtesy of Gulzar2

With Tiger Woods’ recent indiscretions in the news recently, information about marriage law has been coming to the forefront of public knowledge. One such piece of information is that there are currently seven states that allow alienation of affection suits: Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, Utah, North Carolina and South Dakota. These law suits allow one spouse to sue his or her spouse’s extramarital lover for damages.

Generally, these suits involve only the very wealthy. After all, there’s no real point in suing otherwise. This means that a wealthy individual who has an affair with a married man or woman can easily be sued for it. This is true even if the couple does not reside in any of the seven states so long as any of the transgressions took place in one of them.

The law apparently comes from times long gone when a husband technically owned his wife. If another man had an affair with a married woman, her husband could take legal action. This supposedly kept gun toting to a minimum. Since those days, the laws have been repealed in most states.

The seven states that hang onto these laws believe that having them on the books helps to protect the “sanctity of marriage”. According to some experts, however, the laws accomplish much the opposite. They cause heated divorces to become even worse, and often destroy family life for the children.

In North Carolina alone, there have been many cases in which juries have awarded over $1 million. The other states with these laws are not far off either. To get some more information on family law, check out this Raleigh divorce lawyer website.

I’d like to know where people stand on this. Do these laws help or not? What benefit is gained from them and by whom? Where do you draw the line in this type of case?

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