DC City Council Votes to Legalize Same Sex Marriage

11:26 am

Image courtesy of No On Prop 8.

Image courtesy of No On Prop 8.

On December 15, the Washington DC city council voted 11-2 to pass the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality Act of 2009, legalizing same sex marriages. The same vote ensured that religious institutions such as churches, however, would not have to perform those ceremonies. The bill is now awaiting the signature of Mayor Adrian Fenty in order to become a law. After that, Congress will have a 30 day review period during which it can veto the law if the House, Senate and President all agree to overturn it.

Although Mayor Fenty has already said he would sign it into law, and the event of a congressional veto is highly unlikely, some opponents to the bill have still said that they will fight it to the end. The opponents are mostly religious leaders in the area who are adamant about having the bill stopped or the law repealed. However, not all religious leaders are opposed to the bill. One Baptist pastor even said that the passage of the bill was a “cause for rejoicing.” Obviously there is support and opposition on the subject throughout the city.

Having made it this far, it is highly likely that the law will come to fruition. This begs the question, how far will the opposition go to rid the city of said law? Will they stop once the 30 day review period is up, or will they continue from there to try to have the established law repealed? Another very important question is, how much of a win is this law for the gay community? Conversely, how much of a loss is it for the religious opposition?

I’d like to know what everyone thinks about the subject. I’m especially interested in answers to the last two questions and whether you think that one outweighs the other.

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