Change in Florida DUI laws

1:24 pm

In Florida, their is support for  the changed DUI laws that will allow drunk drivers after the fourth conviction of drunk driving, which used to take away their license for life, to reinstate their drivers license.

The new law would allow convicted drunk drivers to get their license back for work purposes only. They also must have a ignition intoxilizer installed into the vehicle that would only allow alcohol-free breathe to start the car. The person must have gone 10 years without any arrests and must have a meeting with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Although, there are some supporters there are also people who feel that just because convicted drunk drivers were driving illegally does not mean that they should be able to legally drive again. Some are hoping to get the new law appealed next year.

One issue that has been brought up is having another sober person blow into the intoxilizer giving the person who has the device installed in their vehicle the ability to drink although they are not allowed to.

If  you would like to learn more, visit a DUI defense lawyer’s website for useful information. Also, let us know how you feel about the new law that has changed and why you feel that way.

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