Man awarded $400,000 in slip and fall suit against Kroger store

12:31 pm

A jury awarded a  Georgia man $400,000 in a slip and fall lawsuit against a Kroger store. The 52-year-old man was shopping in a Kroger when he slipped on a puddle of yogurt that was on the floor in February 2007.

The man’s fall allegedly gave him a shoulder injury. The camera at the store did not record the man’s fall but it does show the man’s cart losing control. Also, the camera shows a Kroger employee walking by the spill multiple times.

The store is not saying that the accident did not happen, but it is claiming that any injury that occurred due to the fall is not the store’s fault because it was an accident. The man had two surgeries after the fall to try and repair the rotator cuff tear to his shoulder.

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