Wal-Mart fights OSHA on $7,000 fine

3:21 pm

Wal-Mart is fighting the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for a $7,000 fine that they were charged with after one of their employees was trampled to death by shoppers on Thanksgiving in 2008.

Officials are unsure why Wal-Mart is fighting against the charge so much. Three weeks before OSHA ordered the fine against Wal-Mart they reached a settlement with the Nassau County, N.Y. attorney general to avoid criminal charges and the implemented a new crowd management system in order to make sure that situations like that do not occur again.

Wal-Mart also started a fund that would be given to shoppers if they are hurt in a stampede of other shoppers. Wal-Mart has said that OSHA is trying to classify the incident of crowd trampling as a workplace hazard that stores could prevent. Wal-Mart is fighting against this fine very vigorously because they feel that this was not a workplace hazard.

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