Texas lawmakers work to tighten up drunk driving laws

9:24 am

Texas lawmakers are discussing what steps can be taken in order to cut down on the number of drunken drivers in Texas. Although Texas has stiffened the laws on DWI’s through the years, Texas still has the highest number of alcohol-related deaths in the nation.

Critics have said that creating stricter laws to keep drunken drivers off of the road is not effective enough so lawmakers are trying to use another route. A new path that lawmakers are looking toward are lowering fines for drunken driver penalties so that people do not just chose time behind bars instead of a probation period.

Some Senators are fighting to make punishments much harsher on repeat offenders. They are fighting to have repeat offenders automatically lose their license permanently. As of now, licenses are taken away for a period of time after a DWI offense but you can appear in front of a judge to get it back.

Others are fighting to get mandatory check points used in Texas. A checkpoint is set up in a certain area and every person that drives through it must stop and take a field sobriety test.

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