New drug approved in European countries increases survival time in mesothelioma patients

7:30 am

A drug that has been approved in some European countries has shown an increase in survival time for people suffering from mesothelioma when combined with another drug.

The drug, Raltitrexed, is part of a group of cancer fighting drugs that are used to prevent cell growth for several types of cancers. As of now, the drug has been approved in Portugal, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Mesothlelioma is a type of cancer that effects the lining of the lung and is primarily caused by exposure to asbestos. There is no cure for mesothelioma and because of its latency period many people are not diagnosed until it is in the last stage.

This makes the average life expectancy for people diagnosed with mesothelioma only 18 months. These new treatments may be able to give mesothlelioma victims a better quality of life.

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