Young woman suffers health issues after taking Yasmin

1:22 pm

At the age of 15, a woman was prescribed Yaz birth control in order to help regulate her menstrual cycle and reduce moderate acne. The woman then began to suffer negative health side effects that caused her to feel sick all of the time.

The woman had never taken any other kind of birth control and she was not prescribed anything else for the first three years she took the pill. As she began to get ready for college, she said she felt sick so frequently she remained in bed often and vomited so often that is was mainly bile.

Doctors tried to find what was wrong with her for months until they finally discovered that she had a gall bladder disease.

When the disease was found, her gall bladder was only functioning at 64 percent when it was suppose to function at 98 to 100 percent. She stopped taking Yaz and had to have her gall bladder removed in October 2009.

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