Florida woman awarded $23 million in medical malpractice suit

2:56 pm

An Alachua County jury has awarded a woman $23 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit after a 2006 medical procedure left  her permanently brain damaged.

The jury found that the University of Florida’s Shands Teaching Hospital was responsible in causing the woman to have suffered brain damage that paralyzed her on one side and impaired her vision.

The incident occurred in July 2006 when the woman went into the hospital for having unexplained headaches. It was found that the woman had a non-bleeding aneurysm and the surgeon began to perform surgery.

The lawsuit claims that the surgeons perforated an artery during surgery and gave her blood-thinning medicine. The woman later suffered a post-operative stroke, but the medication was still given to the woman. The lawsuit states the the doctors did not find the issue until a longer than reasonable delay.

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