Woman sues over botched surgery

3:29 pm

A woman has filed  a medical malpractice lawsuit over an alleged botched colonoscopy procedure that occurred in 2009.  The woman is seeking $5 million for the pain and continued medical problems she suffered as a result of the mistake.

The incident began in June 2009 when the woman went in for a colonoscopy in order to determine what was causing her persistent diarrhea. During the ‘prep’ of the procedure, the woman had serious abdominal pain and the doctor gave her Demerol and continued on with the surgery without diagnosing where the pain was coming from.

He then stopped because he thought he perforated her colon. She began to throw up fecal-like matter and was taken to the hospital. Later, when the woman was sedated, he attempted the procedure for the second time and this time her colon was perforated. The woman claims that the doctor did not explain the risks or give alternatives for the surgery and did  not have permission for either procedure.

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