Four victims identified in Costa Concordia crash

9:21 am

The captain of the Costa Concordia, that was grounded over the weekend when it was taken off course, has told officials that he ordered the ship to be “turned too late.” Four of the 11 victims in the crash have now been identified at this time.

This information was accidentally released from an interrogation transcript. The captain is currently on house arrest after being charged with manslaughter and abandoning ship before the passengers were safe.

The captain stated that he decided to take the cruise liner on this route in order to “salute a former captain” that lives on this Tuscan coast. The captain also stated that he had done this route a few times and did not have any problems, but this time the area was too shallow. By the time he made the order to change paths, it was too late.

Eleven people were killed in the accident and 20 more are still unaccounted for. The search for the missing people has been suspended because rescue crews fear that the Costa Concordia is slipping into deeper, rougher waters.

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