Dartmouth College study: Arsenic levels higher in organic brown rice syrup

9:06 am

A new study released by researchers at Dartmouth College yesterday has stated that the use of organic brown rice syrup in itself and in other products may have higher levels of arsenic.

At this time, there are no federal regulations from the Food and Drug Administration on arsenic levels in food, but the study compared the “safe drinking water” levels put into place by the Environmental Protection Agency and found that some products have arsenic concentration six times this level.

Researchers stated that this study proves that the FDA needs to put federal regulations on the arsenic levels on food products. Because of the increased use of organic brown rice syrup in products as a healthy alternative, researchers decided to conduct this study.

After looking at 17 different baby formulas, the found that the two that used this type of syrup had nearly 20 times higher arsenic concentrations then the 15 formulas that did not use it.

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