Red Sox pitcher, Jenks, discusses recovery from medical error

11:46 am

The Boston Red Sox relief pitcher, Bobby Jenks, has stated that an error that was made during surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital resulted in a second emergency surgery on his spine.

The ordeal began on Dec. 12 when Jenks went into the hospital in order to have bone spurts removed from his spine. Two of the bone spurts were supposed to be removed, while two others were not.

“I don’t know whose fault it was, but there was an error done inside,’’ Jenks said. “I had four bone spurs on my spine. We talked about taking the top two out. The third one was started and not finished. So basically there was a serrated edge that sliced me open in two different spots and I was leaking spinal fluid.’’

Two weeks later, Jenks began to have severe headaches from the leaking fluid in his body. He went back to the hospital on December 30 and had to undergo emergency surgery. Because of the sensitive area that the surgery was done on, Jenks does not know if he will be able to pitch this season. He is currently discussing with his representatives whether legal action will be taken.

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