Lawsuits expected after Chardon High School shootings

9:15 am

Monday morning, a juvenile gunman took fire in a cafeteria shooting five people and fatally injuring three of them.

The students had no warning before the gunshots began and they continued until a teacher was able to chase the student out of the school. One student was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital and two more have now succumbed to the gun shot wounds suffered.

The alleged gunman is currently facing multiple criminal charges and it is also thought that families of those shot will be filing lawsuits against him for wrongful death, medical expenses and pain and suffering. Civil lawsuits are usually filed after such tragic events on a school’s campus.

Victim’s parents have often filed lawsuits against school districts alleging that not enough was done in order to protect the students. Officials have recently released a report stating that the gun the teen used in the shooting may have belonged to a relative.

Grief counselors are at the school today in order to give students the option of returning to the building before classes resume Friday.  Due to issues relating to the school’s handling of the situation, it seems likely that a personal injury lawsuit will be discussed.

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