Items to remember while spring cleaning your home or office

10:32 am

As spring begins, the term ‘spring cleaning’ pops into many people’s mind in order to overhaul their home or office and give it a fresh, clean look.

While beginning to clean your home of office space, there are few items that are commonly left off the list that are an important to remember.

Austin carpet cleaners, painters and maid services are in high demand during this time, but there are also other areas that need to be worked on. For example, make sure to move furniture in order to dust and vacuum behind it and get rid of the dirt build up.

Another forgotten area is the over the refrigerator, wooden chairs and couch pillows. When cleaning decorative pillows, it is the best idea to put them in garment bags if you are using a washing machine or hand wash them.


Other items that area commonly missed an can collect dust are pianos in the home. This can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth paired with furniture polish. Also, make sure to clean exterior doors of your home with a sponge and soap so you can boost the aesthetic appeal of your home.  Other items such as leather furniture and fine art pieces may require special instructions.

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