Resisting the Need to Text While Driving Can Prevent Car Accidents

11:14 am

Our auto accident lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C., represent victims of all types of car accidents, whether it was caused by drunk driving, reckless driving, or a driver who was texting while driving. Unfortunately, texting and driving has been proven to be an extremely dangerous activity, as research has shown that texting while driving is the single most deadly cause of accidents, despite being 100% preventable.


A recent study done by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that texting while driving is 23.2 times more likely to result in an accident than unimpaired driving. In addition, the study surveyed licensed drivers and found that 95 percent of them said texting behind the wheel was both unacceptable and unsafe. However, 21 percent of those surveyed also admitted to texting while driving in spite of knowing the risks. This may be due to the fact that most people are fairly attached to their phone and feel that texting doesn’t affect their own driving, allowing them to handle problems on the road should they arise.


This belief is incorrect though, as the study also found that texting while driving results in longer response times than seen in drunk drivers. An unimpaired driver can respond quickly to changes in traffic and begin braking within half a second, whereas a legally drunk driver typically needs four additional feet to begin braking and a driver who is texting needs 70. These statistics are frightening, considering how many drivers choose to text behind the wheel; however, there is something that people can do to limit this danger. By simply muting or turning off your phone each time you enter your vehicle, a person could eliminate accidents caused by texting and driving by about 50%.


Tragically, severe injuries are frequent outcomes of Michigan car accidents caused by texting and driving Fortunately, victims of car accidents do often have the legal right to pursue legal action against a driver who acted negligently by texting while driving, causing a car accident as a result. If you or a family member suffered injuries in an accident due to the irresponsibility of another driver, call our office now at 800-606-1717 to speak with one our experienced Buckfire Law personal injury attorneys. We will start working on your case immediately by gathering all the evidence and witness statements needed to present a strong claim.




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