First-Time DUI Arrest: What to Expect and What it Really Costs

9:08 am

Fines and Costs

Fines will vary from state to state, in California, a Vista DUI lawyer said it can range anywhere between $500 and $2500. These fines do not cover other charges, however. You will be responsible for any court and class costs, as well as the costs associated with time off of work, driving to and from court and classes, and probation fines. If you were in a car accident and caused property damage, you may be responsible for that, as well.

Loss of Driver’s License

DUI offenders will more than likely lose their driver’s license, even when it is their first offense. It will vary by state, but typically lasts for 30 days to a year. When the Department of Motor Vehicles reinstates your license, you will be required to pay a fee for them to do so.

Mandatory Meetings

A DUI offender may be required to attend mandatory classes as part of their probation and sentencing. These classes may include Alcohol and Highway Safety classes and group counseling. Participants are required to cover the costs of these programs, which may or may not be covered by their insurance. Offenders may also be required to attend a minimum amount of AA classes, as well.

Car Insurance

Many car insurance companies will drop a DUI offender, even a first timer with an otherwise clean record. Getting car insurance when you must report a DUI can be difficult, and your rates will be much higher, even double with some companies. Most car insurance companies will keep your DUI offense on their records for at least 3 years.


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