Preventing Dog Bite Injuries

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Dogs are great pets and they are one of the only domesticated animals which we can engage into a co-beneficial relationship with – we feed them and give them shelter, they protect us and provide companionship. Some dogs are not as welcoming however, and dog bite related injuries send thousands of people to the hospital each year. Learn how to protect yourself from being a victim of a dog attack.

Avoiding Dog Related Injuries in the Neighborhood

Firstly, you need to understand that you are far more likely to be bitten by a dog when their owner is present. Another important point is that most people are bit from behind; keep a forward and commanding posture when strange dogs are present. Pack attacks are the most dangerous and violent, avoid being vulnerable around a group of unknown dogs at all cost. If you do find yourself in threatening situation with a dog, put any available objects between you and them, then grab their throat until they release if they do bite. The CDC website has many tips on avoiding dog bites as an individual.

Protecting Your Kids in the Home

Most dogs will never turn on the owner; they see them as the alpha and will remain forever peacefully loyal, but that courtesy doesn’t always extend to their owner’s kids. Children are the most at risk to be injured by the family pet. They are smaller, slower, and when they are injured the severity is worse due to their smaller size. Another danger factor is that kids don’t always know what to do around dogs; they can’t read the warning signs of a dog bite or dog attack and won’t know when to back away and stop using triggers. Choosing the right kind of dog is a vital choice. Large breed dogs, aggressive breed dogs, and older dogs may be a dangerous addition to a home with young children. Additionally, properly training and socializing a puppy or adult dog can make a major difference in how your pet acts towards your children and others.


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