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New drug approved in European countries increases survival time in mesothelioma patients

7:30 am

A drug that has been approved in some European countries has shown an increase in survival time for people suffering from mesothelioma when combined with another drug. The drug, Raltitrexed, is part of a group of cancer fighting drugs that are used to prevent cell growth for several types of cancers. As of now, the […]

Options with Cancer

10:43 am

Recently, I wrote an article about the new change to health insurance. Because of this, I think this might be a good time to get away from the legal news aspect of the blog and spend a little time talking about cancer. Specifically, I want to spend some time on mesothelioma. In my previous post, […]

Asbestos? Really?

2:34 pm

Every once in a while, I run across a story about a mesothelioma/asbestos lawsuit as I look through the news. Seeing this so often got me thinking, asbestos hasn’t been used in construction since the 70s. Why would people get exposed to asbestos and diagnosed with mesothelioma today? So I went and did a little […]

Widow Sues Over Husbands Mesothelioma

6:06 am

A widow in Jefferson County, Texas has filed a second lawsuit against corporations claiming that their negligence caused her husband to develop mesothelioma. Willie Mae Denson filed the lawsuit on behalf of her deceased husband, Elijah Denson Sr. who worked as a carpenter and furnace technician. During his work he was routinely exposed to asbestos […]

Cancer Fighter May Cause Tumors to Spread

2:03 am

At the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School, researchers have found that a protein used to fight cancer may actually help it spread. The researchers studied FOXO3a which works to regulate gene expression. For years, researchers have held the belief that activating the transcription factor would help fight cancer. According to the new research, however, […]

Power Plant Workers and Asbestos

7:38 am

The American Journal of Industrial Medicine has reported that Department of Energy workers at four seperate plants have been exposed to harmful substances including asbestos. The exposure puts these workers at a particularly high risk of developing mesothelioma and other diseases. A study spanning from the mid 1990s to 2004 included 9,000 DOE workers from […]

City Council Votes to Remove Asbestos

2:46 am

In New Jersey, the Trenton City Council has voted unanimously to approve ordinance for asbestos abatement. The vote will allow Forefront Environmental Services to complete the abatement project so that the city can continue with a demolition project. 13 properties will under asbestos abatement. Upon completion, the city will open bids for the demolition project. […]