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Can you Discharge Business Debts in Bankruptcy?

3:57 pm

This is a common question – and the answer is yes.  You can discharge business loans in bankruptcy.  In fact, in some ways business debts are easier to discharge than personal debts.  The first issue to consider when you have problems with business debts is: must I keep the business running?  If the answer is […]

SSA announces 52 additional Compassionate Allowance conditions

9:41 am

In April, the Social Security Administration announced that they will be adding 52 more conditions to the Compassionate Allowance list. This initiative helps to identify medical conditions that have minimal medical information, but those who suffer from them qualify as ‘disabled.’ A few of these serious medical conditions include rare cancers, cardiovascular disease, traumatic brain […]

The So-Called Economic Recovery

4:48 pm

More on the economy. I think I recently posted on this subject, but this article from the New York Times piqued my interest this morning. The piece says that unemployment in the US hit a 26 year high in October. With a .4% increase, the unemployment rate jumped from 9.8%  in September to 10.2%. However, […]