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Preparing for Possible Divorce: What Is The First Thing You Should Do?

3:49 pm

If either you or your spouse may be thinking about a divorce, the first thing you should do is consult with an attorney who handles divorce matters in your area.  Too often I meet with people who have talked to friends or family and been given totally wrong information about one or more issues they […]

Nationwide trends shows decreased divorced rates

12:46 pm

The number of divorces throughout the country have fallen and many researchers think that this is due to the weak economy and the high cost of divorce. Data from the Census Bureau shows that the rate of divorce has dropped five percent since 1996. Since the beginning of the recession, a trend has been seen, […]

Maria Shriver and Arnold Shwarzenegger announce separation

10:05 am

Maria Shriver and Arnold Shwarzenegger have recently announced that they will be splitting up after 25years of marriage.  A source has now said that Shriver has wanted to divorce for years, but has pushed it off because of family issues, such as the death of her parents. One source has said that Shriver was fed […]

Jury sides with billionaire father in back child support case

10:41 am

A jury recently sided with billionaire father, Donald Bren, in a back child support case filed against him by his grown children. His two children, ages 18 and 22, were asking for $134 million in retroactive child support after claiming that they did not receive enough money when they were younger. The mother of the […]

Marriage in Texas May Not Be Legal

10:52 am

The Dallas Star Telegram published an interesting article yesterday about the state of marriage in the state of Texas. The article explains that Barbara Ann Radnofsky, Democratic candidate for attorney general, has found a constitutional amendment that could cause problems for all marriages in the state. The amendment in question states that “marriage in this […]