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Labor Day DWI crackdown begins Aug. 19

9:25 am

Texas state officials will be cracking down on DWIs during the Labor Day holiday and will begin to step up patrol on Aug. 19. Thousands of police officers and state troopers across the country will be patrolling as a part of the Drink, Drive, Go to Jail will run from Aug. 19 until Labor Day, […]

Deputy injured in alleged drunk driving accident

7:43 am

A deputy was injured after a an alleged drunk driving accident occurred on Interstate 20. The accident occurred on Friday morning on westbound I-20 when the deputy and another police officer were pulled over on the side of the road while working on a traffic stop. Another car then collided with the parked police car. […]

MADD and Texas Dept. of Transportation launch anti-drunk driving campaign

2:51 pm

Mothers Against Drunk Driving along with the Texas Department of Transportation kicked off a new anti-drunk driving campaign. The new campaign is called “Take The Wheel” and it was announced the week before Christmas. The announcement occurred at Houston’s Discovery Green Park and families of people who have been killed in drunk driving accidents were […]

Man stopped in rush hour traffic for not wearing seatbelt, arrested for DUI

12:37 pm

A man was pulled over in a routine traffic stop for not wearing a seat belt and was arrested for a drunken driving charge after police suspected that the man had been drinking. The incident occurred last week around 8 a.m. in Seattle near the Yesler exit. The 31-year-old man was arrested for suspicion of […]

Man convicted of 9th DWI, receives life in prison

1:07 pm

A jury convicted a Weatherford man of his 9th DWI and sentenced him to life in prison. The man pleaded guilty to charges that stem from an arrest in August 2009. The 54-year-old man had a blood alcohol level of 0.45 roughly an hour after a car accident that occurred on the evening he was […]

Texas pushes for stricter drunken driving laws

4:17 pm

Texas is working to pass a new law that will make it illegal to drive “buzzed.” Its called the DWAI, driving while ability impaired and is being proposed to help fight the number of drunken drivers in Texas. Texas has the most DWI offenders of any state in the nation. The DWAI law will target […]

Detroit police officer charged with drunk driving after accident

10:01 am

A 28-year-old Detroit police officer was charged with drunken driving after leaving the scene of an accident on Detroit’s east side. According to officials, The officer was in her own vehicle when she collided with another car that was stopped at an intersection. The driver of the vehicle that was hit immediately called police officials […]

DWI suspect leads police on high speed chase

12:16 pm

A suspected drunk driver was arrested in Houston last night after he crashed his car into the side of a deputy’s car. The officer pulled the man over for a suspected driving while intoxicated charge and the deputy started to arrest the man. As the officer began to put hand cuffs on the man, he […]

Texas lawmakers work to tighten up drunk driving laws

9:24 am

Texas lawmakers are discussing what steps can be taken in order to cut down on the number of drunken drivers in Texas. Although Texas has stiffened the laws on DWI’s through the years, Texas still has the highest number of alcohol-related deaths in the nation. Critics have said that creating stricter laws to keep drunken […]

Change in Florida DUI laws

1:24 pm

In Florida, their is support forĀ  the changed DUI laws that will allow drunk drivers after the fourth conviction of drunk driving, which used to take away their license for life, to reinstate their drivers license. The new law would allow convicted drunk drivers to get their license back for work purposes only. They also […]