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What You Risk with Supplements

8:02 am

Dietary supplements have no governing body to regulate them for safety or effect. This means that any supplement you purchase can contain ingredients not labeled and may or may not work in the indicated fashion. While many cases end with consumers purchasing products that do nothing for them, a much more serious consequence is always […]

The FDA and You

5:58 am

The federal Food and Drug Administration was put in place to protect consumers from faulty products that fall under the food or drug categories. Unfortunately, these categories do not extend to dietary supplements. While a dietary supplement can act like a drug, it is not one. It is also not technically a food. This means […]

Losing Weight Safely

6:30 am

Many Americans are obsessed with losing weight. In fact, some are so overcome by the idea that they need to lose weight that they will try just about anything. This is why dietary supplements like Hydroxycut become so popular. Unfortunately, these supplements and other forms of weight loss can be dangerous. Often, people will try […]

Ingredients That Lead to Liver Damage

7:46 am

The ingredients in Hydroxycut that caused liver damage in consumers and led to the death of one 19 year old man has still not been found. Unfortunately, there are many products on the market that have similar formulas to the original Hydroxycut. These could lead to similar problems. Until the ingredient or ingredients that caused […]

Hydroxycut Returns to Shelves

4:36 am

Hydroxycut has returned to the market after being reformulated to no longer contain any of the natural products that the old formula had. The company has still not found the ingredient that caused liver damage in several consumers and even killed one. Iovate hopes to avoid dangers similar to those the product recently caused. However, […]

The FDA’s Oversight of Drugs and Supplements

7:53 am

The US Food and Drug Administration is responsible for ensuring the safety of consumers when it comes to anything that falls under food or drug products. To that end, the FDA makes all drugs go through rigorous testing before it is approved for the market. This keeps consumers safe from unknown hazards arising while they […]

Hydroxycut Side Effects

7:26 am

Hydroxycut was pulled off the market after a recall by the US Food and Drug Administration. The reason for the recall was the medical side effects caused by use of the dietary supplement. Hydroxycut has been linked by the US FDA to jaundice, liver damage, heart problems, seizures, abdominal pain and nausea. These side effects […]

Dietary Supplement Regulation

7:55 am

The regulation of dietary supplements is nearly non existant. Because they are classified as neither food nor drug, the regulating authority that oversees all other similar products has no jurisdiction over dietary supplements. This means that these supplements do not have to undergo the extensive testing that other products do. When drugs go on the […]

Hydroxycut Imitations Still on the Market

7:12 am

Hydroxycut has been linked with medical conditions such as liver failure, cardiovascular disorders and seizures. Researchers have still not figured out what ingredient in Hydroxycut is at the root of the problem. Because of this, the product has been pulled from the shelves by maker, Iovate, pending this information and possible reformulation of the product. […]

Garcinia Cambogia Extract Deemed Safe

5:53 am

Garcinia cambogia fruit rind extract is a product that is used in Hydroxycut and other weight loss supplements. According to Sabinsa Corporation, a company that manufactures and sells the extract, it is safe for use. The company performed studies on the ingredient that showed no direct link between the use of Garcinia cambogia and hepatotoxicity. […]