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Errors by medical professionals.

Missouri Supreme Court overturns state’s medical malpractice cap

2:23 pm

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled Tuesday on a law that is currently in place in order to limit the amount of damages that a person can receive in medical malpractice lawsuits that deals with noneconomic damages. In medical malpractice cases, there was a cap that stated that a person could not receive more than $350,000 […]

Jury awards woman $6.7 million in medical malpractice case

11:58 am

A woman was awarded $6.7 million by a jury after a medical malpractice lawsuit filed against a medical center and a surgeon after the death of her husband. The lawsuit was filed in 2009 over an incident that occurred on Mother’s Day that ended with the woman’s husband dead. The man was involved in an […]

Woman sues over botched surgery

3:29 pm

A woman has filed  a medical malpractice lawsuit over an alleged botched colonoscopy procedure that occurred in 2009.  The woman is seeking $5 million for the pain and continued medical problems she suffered as a result of the mistake. The incident began in June 2009 when the woman went in for a colonoscopy in order […]

Family receives $8.5 million in medical malpractice suit

2:04 pm

A Bayonne family has been awarded $8.5 million after a birth injury medical malpractice suit. The lawsuit was filed against the Bayonne Medical Center and three of its employees after an incident that occurred in August 2005. The incident began when a 32-year-old woman went into the medical center when she had her first pains […]

Florida woman awarded $23 million in medical malpractice suit

2:56 pm

An Alachua County jury has awarded a woman $23 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit after a 2006 medical procedure left  her permanently brain damaged. The jury found that the University of Florida’s Shands Teaching Hospital was responsible in causing the woman to have suffered brain damage that paralyzed her on one side and impaired […]

New York hospitals to take part in pilot program

3:08 pm

Five New York hospitals will be taking part in a medical malpractice pilot program that will be funded by the federal government and is being put in place to try and cut back on the costs of medical malpractice suits. This plan hopes to lower these costs by settling malpractice suits quickly and taking them […]

Doctors less disciplined by board in New Jersey

11:08 am

According to Public Citizen, a Washington nonprofit oversight group, stated that the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners needs to take more action against doctors that are involved in malpractice cases. The board, which is comprised of 14 doctors, one nurse, one accountant and three members of the community, threw out almost 93 percent of […]

Man dies after allegedly misdiagnosed, widow files lawsuit

12:58 pm

A New Jersey man was killed after being misdiagnosed after having a lethal allergic bee sting. The wife of the man has now filed a lawsuit against the the doctors at the hospital. The 40-year-old man was mowing his lawn when he was stung by a bee and suffered an allergic reaction causing him to […]

More on Tort Reform: The Opposition

11:13 am

I recently posted about medical malpractice and tort reform on this blog. However, I’ve run across more news stories on the subject because it’s such an important issue right now. As such, I figured I’d revisit it a little bit today. Specifically, I wanted to show what people who are opposed to tort reform are […]