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Two face charges in dog attack

10:41 am

Two adults are currently facing charges in a dog bite attack that occurred on Nov. 26 that caused injury to two young children. According to Animal Control, four children were playing outside when a dog ran up to them and attacked them. One child was transported to the hospital in order to be treated for […]

$2.3M Awarded in Bowflex Case

2:41 am

After a case that has taken over nine years to bring a result, Jim Warner and his wife finally have justice. In 2000, they bought a “Bowflex Power Pro” system, the popular in home weightlifting machine.  Two years later, while properly using the machine, Warner was lifting weights when the bench snapped, and caused a […]

Leaf Blowers System Faulty

2:03 am

In 2007, the investigation to discover what the problem with the Power Sweep electric leaf blowers was. When this electric leaf blower is in use, tiny pieces of plastic were spraying out of the blower and hitting the operator as well as any other people in the general vicinity.  Around the country people were reporting […]

Hot Pockets are Recalled

2:45 am

As of this morning, the Hot pockets has recalled the pepperoni pizza style hot pockets that were put out in the last few weeks. The recall is supposedly only affecting the products that were made on June 5 of this year. The company has officially stated that there are currently no health problems that have […]

5 year old Boy Dies in Elevator Shaft

5:32 am

Earlier this morning, a boy was found dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft in Brooklyn, NY. The building was originally built in 1974 and has undergone remodels over the past years. The building is 12 story building with an elevator running all the way to the top. Sources say that there have been […]

Company Recalls 285 Pounds of Sandwiches

2:43 am

Earlier this morning, the Food Safety and Inspection Service have made a recall on over 275 pounds of ready-to-eat sandwiches. The company, World Class Canapés, Inc., is based out of Wilmington, Massachusetts and initiated the recall along with the help of the FSIS. Sources say that the ready to eat chicken and turkey sandwiches may […]

Company Recalls Spaghetti Mixes

5:51 am

A company, Sauer Foods Inc., has issued a voluntary recall for all of their Gold Medal Spaghetti Sauce Mixes. The product was distributed in grocery stores in Mississippi, Alabama, and Kentucky. The company is originally based out of Virginia and ships to different stores within these states. The Sauer Foods has stated there is a […]

Morgan Freeman Hurt in Dangerous Automobile Accident

5:34 am

Over this past weekend, Morgan Freeman, famous Hollywood actor, was travelling down the road somewhere around Tupelo, Mississippi when he was involved in a dangerous automobile accident. Police have reported that during the crash, Freeman’s car rolled over multiple times and there was another female that was inside the car with him. Police immediately air […]

Honda Recalls HRX Lawnmowers

2:49 am

Honda is recalling all of their HRX Honda Lawnmowers because of a defect that the product has that could cause injury to the person using it. Officials have said that there are over 20,000 lawnmowers that the company is being forced to recall. Honda says that the plastic shields in the rear could break which […]

Jalapenos and Avocados are Being Recalled

2:37 am

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has officially issued a recall of all of the Jalapeno Peppers and Avocados that were distributed to different stores all over the state of North Carolina. Many food establishments have already received shipments from one Texas Company that is initiating the recall in North Carolina. The […]