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Insurance Fraud Doesn’t Pay

8:57 am

The term ‘insurance fraud’ refers to any actions taken in attempt to fraudulently obtain a payment or other benefit from an insurance policy. Consider the many types of insurance: homeowner, renter, automobile, health, life, or workers’ compensation. With each of these comes the potential for insurance fraud at the hands of unscrupulous individuals. According to […]

Tractor-Trailer Accidents

9:22 am

When a 20 ton vehicle and a 1,500 lbs. car tangle, the passengers in the car are in grave danger. It doesn’t even matter who caused the accident, the people in a passenger car are always going to come out worse than the person in the tractor-trailer. Even the vehicles themselves can’t compare; a small […]

What to do if you’ve been hit by a reckless driver

10:47 am

Auto accidents can be frightening, and sadly, many accidents occur because of motorists’ reckless actions behind the wheel. Unfortunately, when motorists behave dangerously, they often injure others in the process, and these victims are left with the physical and financial consequences of an accident they did nothing to cause. However, if a person is hit […]

Protecting your interests during divorce

3:24 pm

Over half of all marriages in the United States currently end in divorce, and many people want help protecting their interests during this process.  While some divorces are “uncontested,” in which divorcing spouses agree on divorce settlement terms, many divorces involve contested issues on which divorcing spouses cannot agree.  Sometimes one spouse ends up enjoying […]

Predatory Lending

12:23 pm

Loans which are given under deceptive and unfair pretenses are known as predatory loans; this type of lending is often classified as fraud. The terms of the loans written under these types of practices are abusive and target certain groups of people. Lenders of predatory loans take advantage of people with credit problems and debt, […]

Preventing Dog Bite Injuries

10:31 am

Dogs are great pets and they are one of the only domesticated animals which we can engage into a co-beneficial relationship with – we feed them and give them shelter, they protect us and provide companionship. Some dogs are not as welcoming however, and dog bite related injuries send thousands of people to the hospital […]

A To-Do List at your First Car Accident

12:22 pm

It is very common to panic when you are involved in your first accident.  You might not be sure if you should stay in the car, get out of the car, or call the police.  Make sure that you only leave the car if it is safe to do so.  Only move your vehicle if […]

Meningitis Outbreak Continues To Kill, More Lawsuits Expected

9:06 am

The nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak is continuing to kill, claiming three more victims on Tuesday, October 30th, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The total death toll now stands at 28, with the new fatalities coming in Michigan (2) and Tennessee (1). These two states have been hardest hit, with Tennessee […]

Do Most Payday Loan Lenders Practice Loan Sharking?

10:37 am

With the increasingly large number of debtors in the United States, the number of loan sharking companies is also on the rise. Unfortunately, many of these companies are trying their best to lend money to people at exorbitantly high interest rates. While there are some lenders that offer loans at affordable market rates, there are […]

Bus Accident in Somerset

10:53 am

In Somerset, Pennsylvania, 10 children received minor injuries after a school bus carrying them collided with a semi-truck. The bus was carrying 26 students to Jackson Elementary School, when it collided with the truck around 8:30 AM. The children suffered no serious injuries, receiving only bumps and bruises. The truck driver was cited as being […]