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Resisting the Need to Text While Driving Can Prevent Car Accidents

11:14 am

Our auto accident lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C., represent victims of all types of car accidents, whether it was caused by drunk driving, reckless driving, or a driver who was texting while driving. Unfortunately, texting and driving has been proven to be an extremely dangerous activity, as research has shown that texting while driving is the […]

Man stopped in rush hour traffic for not wearing seatbelt, arrested for DUI

12:37 pm

A man was pulled over in a routine traffic stop for not wearing a seat belt and was arrested for a drunken driving charge after police suspected that the man had been drinking. The incident occurred last week around 8 a.m. in Seattle near the Yesler exit. The 31-year-old man was arrested for suspicion of […]

CA Gets Ready for Ignition Interlocks

2:09 pm

The following article is a guest posting from one of our readers: Starting July 2010, a new ignition interlock law will go into effect in the state of California. The law states that an ignition interlock must be installed into the vehicle of any owner who is convicted of a DUI offense. The law is […]

California Bill Would Legalize Marijuana

11:53 am

A new bill has been introduced to the California legislature in an attempt to legalize marijuana. The bill has already passed through the House Public Safety Committee with a 4-3 vote. It now goes to the Health Committee. If it passes there, it will continue on to the assembly floor. This has, of course, been […]

Ohio Supreme Court Changes Dog Bite Cases

2:55 pm

Happy new year to all. There’s been a short hiatus here at Legal News for the holidays, but we should be back in the swing of things. So let’s just dive right in. On the personal injury front, dog bite cases in Ohio may be seeing a major change in the future. Today, the Ohio […]

Prop 8 Goes to Court

4:12 pm

On January 11, Prop 8 will return to court in California. The federal lawsuit will be held in the US District Court in San Francisco and could possibly last up to a month. The city of San Francisco will be intervening on the side of gay marriage after several gay rights groups were blocked from […]

Possible Federal Ignition Interlock Device Law

2:25 pm

Recently, Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico introduced a bill that would require ignition interlock devices for DWI offenders nationwide. The bill mirrors that of New Mexico’s already standing law, instituting the same penalty. While it has met with some support, it is also seeing some very early opposition. New Mexico was the first state […]

DC City Council Votes to Legalize Same Sex Marriage

11:26 am

On December 15, the Washington DC city council voted 11-2 to pass the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality Act of 2009, legalizing same sex marriages. The same vote ensured that religious institutions such as churches, however, would not have to perform those ceremonies. The bill is now awaiting the signature of Mayor Adrian Fenty […]

Law Suits and Cheaters

4:39 pm

With Tiger Woods’ recent indiscretions in the news recently, information about marriage law has been coming to the forefront of public knowledge. One such piece of information is that there are currently seven states that allow alienation of affection suits: Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, Utah, North Carolina and South Dakota. These law suits allow […]

Manager Fired for Discriminating Against Transgender

10:21 am

In Orlando, Florida, a McDonald’s manager has been fired for discrimination. The manager refused to hire a 17 year old transgender woman, then called her and left a message filled with homosexual slurs. More specifically, the manager stated in his message that, “we do not hire faggots.” A second manager was also involved in the […]