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Fracking Employment Hazards

9:45 am

The process of hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as fracking, is an increasingly popular method of extracting natural gas and oil from far below the Earth’s surface. The increased availability of efficient machinery and technology coupled with the high demand for oil and gas has led to a huge need for people to work in […]

Worker suffers back injury in Maine workplace accident

7:49 am

A worker suffered a back injury after being involved in a workplace accident in Maine that occurred when stairs collapsed on top of him. According to authorities, the accident occurred as the man was working to replace the basement floor of a home. The owner tied up the staircase so that the men had room […]

Man injured after gas well site accident

8:19 am

A worker was injured in an accident at a gas well site in Terry Township on Thursday. According to officials at Chesapeake Energy Corp., the worker was injured by an emission of gas at the plant and his injuries are said to be non-life threatening. The man was transported to Robert Packer Hospital by ambulance […]

Company being sued after workplace accident

2:59 pm

A company with a La Porte facility is now being sued after an employee was injured in a workplace accident. The lawsuit states that the company failed to give the man a ladder which caused him to receive a back injury. The lawsuit was filed Aug. 30 against Roadlink Transportation Solutions after they were negligent […]

Plant sued after worker dies of heat stroke

3:09 pm

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against a plant in Marshall after the death of a worker occurred from a heat stroke. The lawsuit states that the company failed to take the correct actions to protect the man from having a heat stroke. Three minor children filed the suit against Boral Industries, Inc. and […]

Man killed in industrial accident

9:56 am

A worker was killed in an industrial workplace accident in Rhode Island this week. The incident began when  a call was made to police at 11:30 a.m. with reports that machinery had injured a person. According to the fire department, the man was moving equipment when a cable wire snapped and struck a man. The […]

Worker killed while unloading subway panels in Brooklyn

7:43 am

Authorities have said that a New York City Transit subcontractor was killed in Brooklyn while unloading heavy panels from the back of a truck. The man was the driver of the truck that was carrying the load and he brought the materials to Avenue M station in Midwood around 8 a.m. The truck was loaded […]

OSHA raises flags for 64 companies for safety regulations

8:24 am

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has expressed concern  for 64 companies in three counties that are reporting more workplace injuries than the nation’s average. The 64 businesses in Westchester, Putnam and Rockland counties have received a letter stating that workers in their business are being injured more frequently than other businesses like theirs in […]

New York man injured in workplace accident

12:39 pm

A New York man was injured in an industrial workplace accident on Long Island at an aerospace company. The 53-year-0ld man was working on a machine when all of sudden it slammed shut before he had time to move. The machine slammed onto the man’s hands causing him to lose seven fingers. The man has […]