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Death caused by someone else’s negligence.

Lawsuits expected after Chardon High School shootings

9:15 am

Monday morning, a juvenile gunman took fire in a cafeteria shooting five people and fatally injuring three of them. The students had no warning before the gunshots began and they continued until a teacher was able to chase the student out of the school. One student was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital and […]

Seventy-four killed in Egyptian soccer riot

2:36 pm

Seventy-four people were killed after a riot broke out after an Egyptian soccer game. According to officials, it is still unclear whether or not the riot was started because of the rivalry between the two teams or political issues in the area. The riot broke out after the game when everyone inside had to funnel […]

Plant sued after worker dies of heat stroke

3:09 pm

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against a plant in Marshall after the death of a worker occurred from a heat stroke. The lawsuit states that the company failed to take the correct actions to protect the man from having a heat stroke. Three minor children filed the suit against Boral Industries, Inc. and […]

Wrongful death lawsuit filed after fatal Missouri car accident

7:34 am

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed after a fatal car accident occurred on June 30 and took the life of a Greenwood man. The accident occurred when a 52-year-old man was driving a pickup truck and collided with a flatbed trailer that was being towed by a dump truck at the time. The man’s […]