Are Older Drivers More Dangerous Than Younger Drivers?

3:49 pm

According to a recent study, researchers concluded that pedestrians over 70 were five times more likely to die from being hit by a car than drivers 21-29.

Interestingly, driving gets more dangerous with age, but older adults are actually more vulnerable while walking on the sidewalk than behind the wheel of a car.

Additionally, elderly drivers were no more likely to die on the road than individuals in their twenties.

Jonathan Rolison, the leader of the study conducted at the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom, stated, “The focus is usually on older drivers as a danger to themselves and other drivers.”

However, Mr. Rolison also noted, “[T]he real issue isn’t really safeguarding older drivers, it’s making the road environment safer for pedestrians.”

There has been a dramatic shift in recent years toward more demanding license renewal processes, especially for older adults.

Most assume that as eyesight and cognitive abilities decrease with age, older adults often become  more dangerous on the road than younger drivers.

However, this recent study as well as past research reveals that this is not necessarily true.

In the United States, a comprehensive study revealed that 40-year-old male motorists were actually more dangerous on the road than 70-year-old male motorists.

The UK study utilized police records regarding fatal road accidents that occurred during 1989 through 2009.

The researchers found that the risk of dying behind the wheel was similar for both younger adults and older adults.

More specifically, 13 in 100 million driving trips ended in fatalities among those under 29 and 14 in 100 million trips ended in fatalities for those over 70. These results took into account both passengers and drivers.

The main takeaway of the groundbreaking study, according to Dr. David Carr of Washington University is that “older drivers represent a small proportion of driver fatalities.”

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Missouri Supreme Court overturns state’s medical malpractice cap

2:23 pm

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled Tuesday on a law that is currently in place in order to limit the amount of damages that a person can receive in medical malpractice lawsuits that deals with noneconomic damages.

In medical malpractice cases, there was a cap that stated that a person could not receive more than $350,000 from a jury on awards that claim pain, suffering, loss of quality of life, or mental anguish.  The lawsuit that brought the ruling into question involved a young boy who suffered a catastrophic brain injury during labor when doctors delayed the start of an emergency Cesarean section that he needed.

A jury later awarded the woman $5 million in damages, but this was reduced because of the cap placed on settlement amounts. The legal counsel for this case argued that placing a cap on medical malpractice cases is unconstitutional because it violates a person’s right to a jury trial.

The Missouri Supreme Court determined that the amount of damages awarded in a case should depend on the details of the particular case. The young boy in this case will need ongoing medical care  and because the rule was overturned, he will be able to receive the compensation he needs to cover the costs.

SSA announces 52 additional Compassionate Allowance conditions

9:41 am

In April, the Social Security Administration announced that they will be adding 52 more conditions to the Compassionate Allowance list. This initiative helps to identify medical conditions that have minimal medical information, but those who suffer from them qualify as ‘disabled.’

A few of these serious medical conditions include rare cancers, cardiovascular disease, traumatic brain injury, early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and neurological disorders. This announcement of 52 conditions will bring the total list of Compassionate Allowances to 165.

The National Institute of Health helps to identify new conditions that require approval rapidly. In the past fiscal year alone, nearly 61,000 people that suffered from severe disabilities were able to receive benefits through the initiative.  The number of personal bankruptcies that came about because of these conditions is in the thousands.


Items to remember while spring cleaning your home or office

10:32 am

As spring begins, the term ‘spring cleaning’ pops into many people’s mind in order to overhaul their home or office and give it a fresh, clean look.

While beginning to clean your home of office space, there are few items that are commonly left off the list that are an important to remember.

Austin carpet cleaners, painters and maid services are in high demand during this time, but there are also other areas that need to be worked on. For example, make sure to move furniture in order to dust and vacuum behind it and get rid of the dirt build up.

Another forgotten area is the over the refrigerator, wooden chairs and couch pillows. When cleaning decorative pillows, it is the best idea to put them in garment bags if you are using a washing machine or hand wash them.


Other items that area commonly missed an can collect dust are pianos in the home. This can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth paired with furniture polish. Also, make sure to clean exterior doors of your home with a sponge and soap so you can boost the aesthetic appeal of your home.  Other items such as leather furniture and fine art pieces may require special instructions.

Lawsuits expected after Chardon High School shootings

9:15 am

Monday morning, a juvenile gunman took fire in a cafeteria shooting five people and fatally injuring three of them.

The students had no warning before the gunshots began and they continued until a teacher was able to chase the student out of the school. One student was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital and two more have now succumbed to the gun shot wounds suffered.

The alleged gunman is currently facing multiple criminal charges and it is also thought that families of those shot will be filing lawsuits against him for wrongful death, medical expenses and pain and suffering. Civil lawsuits are usually filed after such tragic events on a school’s campus.

Victim’s parents have often filed lawsuits against school districts alleging that not enough was done in order to protect the students. Officials have recently released a report stating that the gun the teen used in the shooting may have belonged to a relative.

Grief counselors are at the school today in order to give students the option of returning to the building before classes resume Friday.  Due to issues relating to the school’s handling of the situation, it seems likely that a personal injury lawsuit will be discussed.

Red Sox pitcher, Jenks, discusses recovery from medical error

11:46 am

The Boston Red Sox relief pitcher, Bobby Jenks, has stated that an error that was made during surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital resulted in a second emergency surgery on his spine.

The ordeal began on Dec. 12 when Jenks went into the hospital in order to have bone spurts removed from his spine. Two of the bone spurts were supposed to be removed, while two others were not.

“I don’t know whose fault it was, but there was an error done inside,’’ Jenks said. “I had four bone spurs on my spine. We talked about taking the top two out. The third one was started and not finished. So basically there was a serrated edge that sliced me open in two different spots and I was leaking spinal fluid.’’

Two weeks later, Jenks began to have severe headaches from the leaking fluid in his body. He went back to the hospital on December 30 and had to undergo emergency surgery. Because of the sensitive area that the surgery was done on, Jenks does not know if he will be able to pitch this season. He is currently discussing with his representatives whether legal action will be taken.

Dartmouth College study: Arsenic levels higher in organic brown rice syrup

9:06 am

A new study released by researchers at Dartmouth College yesterday has stated that the use of organic brown rice syrup in itself and in other products may have higher levels of arsenic.

At this time, there are no federal regulations from the Food and Drug Administration on arsenic levels in food, but the study compared the “safe drinking water” levels put into place by the Environmental Protection Agency and found that some products have arsenic concentration six times this level.

Researchers stated that this study proves that the FDA needs to put federal regulations on the arsenic levels on food products. Because of the increased use of organic brown rice syrup in products as a healthy alternative, researchers decided to conduct this study.

After looking at 17 different baby formulas, the found that the two that used this type of syrup had nearly 20 times higher arsenic concentrations then the 15 formulas that did not use it.

Nationwide trends shows decreased divorced rates

12:46 pm

The number of divorces throughout the country have fallen and many researchers think that this is due to the weak economy and the high cost of divorce.

Data from the Census Bureau shows that the rate of divorce has dropped five percent since 1996. Since the beginning of the recession, a trend has been seen, the higher the unemployment rate in an area, the lower the number of divorces.

Other divorce statistics found is that the most common reason that people file for divorce is infidelity followed by communication issues and abuse. Data also shows that men are divorcing at older ages then women. The average age of divorced men is between 35 and 54 and the average age of divorced women is 25 to 44.

Seventy-four killed in Egyptian soccer riot

2:36 pm

Seventy-four people were killed after a riot broke out after an Egyptian soccer game.

According to officials, it is still unclear whether or not the riot was started because of the rivalry between the two teams or political issues in the area. The riot broke out after the game when everyone inside had to funnel out of a narrow pathway to get out of the stadium.

Supports of the opposing team carried clubs and knives and attacked those trapped from behind them. More than 70 people were stabbed, crushed, or suffocated to death.

Many are blaming the military for failing to prevent the rioting from taking place. The board for the Egyptian Soccer Federation will be questioned about the violence and the police chief in the area, Port Said, has resigned.

Possible defect causes recall of more than 66,000 Toyo tires

9:31 am

More than 66,000 tires have been recalled by Toyo Tire U.S. Corp after a possible defect was found in the tires which could cause them to fail.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the company will replace all of the defective tires with no charge beginning on Feb. 2. The recalled tires are the Toyo Extensa S/A tire size p225/60r16 97t that were produced from Sept. 2009 to Nov. 6, 2010.

The issue was found in the bead area of the tire. A small kink may crack if the tire is under-inflated or overloaded. The crack could cause the tire to fail and this could cause a driver to lose control and crash.

The recalled tired were distributed to retailers throughout the country. Owners of the tires should be contacted by these retailers in order to alert them.